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Welcome to Full Court Law, where we hold a steadfast belief in the transformative power, of the legal practice. We understand your time is precious, and the issues you bring to us, are of profound significance. Our unwavering dedication, is to deliver tangible results, foster collaboration, and harness our profound industry expertise not just to meet, but also to anticipate your unique interests.

At Full Court Law, we're committed to providing you with legal services, that go beyond mere representation. Our team combines broad legal knowledge, with an insightful understanding of the industries we serve, allowing us to foresee challenges and address your needs proactively. We firmly believe that you deserve more than just competent legal support; you deserve purpose-driven, highly engaged legal services that actively contribute to your progress and offer resolutions.

Our mission is to be your partner in navigating the intricate landscape of law, striving to bring about meaningful change in your life. Whether you're an individual facing a personal legal matter, or a business navigating complex regulatory waters, we are here to champion your cause. Welcome to Full Court Law, where we turn the practice of law, into a force for positive change in your life.


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Bataski D. Bailey is the founding partner of Full Court Law, LLC. After being born in West Palm Beach, Florida, Mr. Bailey and his family moved to Havana, Florida, a suburb of Tallahassee, Florida, where he was raised and eventually graduated high school from Florida A&M University Developmental Research School. 


Shortly after graduation, Mr. Bailey moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he cultivated a passion for service and community empowerment. As a means of empowering and being of service, to his community, Mr. Bailey worked as a paramedic, in metro Atlanta, for nearly two decades, before deciding to transition into law, by attending law school. This decision was the result of Mr. Bailey witnessing various situations, where his neighbors, were taken advantage of, by those in positions of power. Mr. Bailey wanted to have a more impactful voice, to effect change. 


While in law school at Southern University Law Center, Attorney Bailey participated in the law school’s Juvenile Clinic, where Mr. Bailey, under the supervision of Attorney Jacqueline Nash-Grant, represented minors, who were accused of crimes. Mr. Bailey was able to positively impact the clients he represented, as well as be a resource for them, in the future. Mr. Bailey graduated from Southern University Law Center, with a Juris Doctorate. Mr. Bailey was licensed as an attorney, in Georgia, shortly thereafter. Mr. Bailey’s lifelong dream has been to be of service, to his community. Full Court Law allows Attorney Bailey the avenue to assist and be an advocate, for those in need of legal representation.

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